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Redesign of dated brand, streamlined and modernised the direction of the companies visuals.

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Redesign of dated brand, streamlined and modernised the direction of the companies visuals.

A family business that had not updated any of their branding assets or website for over 30 years and wanted to maintain their market position but had fell behind. We were brought in with the view of not only to completely refresh the branding, website and all marketing assets of the business, but to also help model the direction of the company aesthetics which included redesigning the interior of their facility vehicles to fall in line with the new art direction of the business. and help once again, reinstate their position as a contemporary, forward thinking and marketing leading business in their field.

"Orange & Teal totally revitalised our brand and made us realise the importance of all communication to stakeholders needs to follow our organisations principles."

John Sobey

Bristol Television & Film Services
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It was so fluid to work with Daniel and his team. The details, creativity and depth he goes to to create exactly what we need is incredible.

Mark Bussey


Daniel and his Orange and Teal team smashed the deliverance of... everything. They understood the focus and idea we had and made everything more than we could expected. All whilst being super-friendly and laid back.

Kingsley Hayden

Kingsley GardenRooms

Orange & Teal took our stale and dated and brought it upto date and helped modernise our company to help reach new clients  

Matt Webber

Bristol & Bath Kitchens
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