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Design, build and develop new website/webstore.

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Unleashing Punk Passion: Not Sorry's Bold and Fun Record Label Website, Powered by Shopify Magic!

Our dynamic web design squad, renowned for its big, bold, and fun approach, enthusiastically teamed up with Not Sorry, the record label amplifying the scene in Hamburg, Germany. Tasked with infusing their punk and vegan vibes into the digital realm, we eagerly embraced the challenge. The result? A Shopify-powered website and webstore that perfectly encapsulate our commitment to out-of-the-box thinking and vibrant creativity, all at the customer's request. Drawing inspiration from the unapologetic spirit of punk, our design boasts an explosion of bold colors, edgy typography, and a layout that exudes energy and excitement. Navigating the site on the Shopify platform is a breeze, ensuring visitors have a blast connecting with Not Sorry's one-of-a-kind identity. The specially crafted Shopify webstore is a joyous playground for fans to explore and snag some seriously cool punk and vegan gear. This collaboration showcases our squad's talent for translating brand values into a visually spectacular and joy-filled online experience, firmly establishing Not Sorry's digital presence in the music scene.

Not Sorry is thrilled to have partnered with Orange & Teal Creative Design! Their exceptional service and the vibrant, dynamic website they've crafted perfectly capture the essence of our punk and vegan spirit. Orange & Teal went above and beyond, and their creativity on the Shopify platform has given our fans an exciting, seamless online experience. A true collaboration that echoes the energy of our music!

Stefan Jonas

Not Sorry
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It was so fluid to work with Daniel and his team. The details, creativity and depth he goes to to create exactly what we need is incredible.

Mark Bussey


Daniel and his Orange and Teal team smashed the deliverance of... everything. They understood the focus and idea we had and made everything more than we could expected. All whilst being super-friendly and laid back.

Kingsley Hayden

Kingsley GardenRooms

Orange & Teal took our stale and dated and brought it upto date and helped modernise our company to help reach new clients  

Matt Webber

Bristol & Bath Kitchens
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