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Took an idea and made reality from start to finish.

Glam Biz


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Glm Biz needed an identity to match their ambition.

We were most attracted to founder Kat Jena's passion and values of her start-up. What started out as nail salon rapidly turned into a full cosmetics brand. Organic and vegan friendly based products... We're in. Our team carried out heavy due diligence on the market place and created a brand with the positing to suit Kat's ideas and customers values. We installed the grounds and direction of the brand, then fulfilled the whole identity, logos and packaging. We have also had a helping in the store design and marketing assets.

Orange and Teal helped us understand the market place which we thought we had a hold, even more. His vision and creativity has helped us build from scratch to what we are today!

Kat Jena

Glam Biz
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It was so fluid to work with Daniel and his team. The details, creativity and depth he goes to to create exactly what we need is incredible.

Mark Bussey


Daniel and his Orange and Teal team smashed the deliverance of... everything. They understood the focus and idea we had and made everything more than we could expected. All whilst being super-friendly and laid back.

Kingsley Hayden

Kingsley GardenRooms

Orange & Teal took our stale and dated and brought it upto date and helped modernise our company to help reach new clients  

Matt Webber

Bristol & Bath Kitchens
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